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So sorry I let this fall apart.  Disappointed in myself really.  Anyway.  Season 2 is here people.  Wasn’t quite sure if this was going to turn out so I didn’t stream it but I figured I should post it.

I downloaded this game called Okay? on android for my inspiration this week.

The idea is that you shoot a ball by clicking and dragging and try to clear the board of things to collect.  Pretty simple concept and actually came together in an hour.  However only 3 levels were made.

AGE02E00 AGE02E00-2


So levels are tough to do in an hour.  Next time it would be worth it to just come up with something a little different.  So far this game takes about 30 seconds to beat.

Might play around with it a bit and see if more levels are fun. Let me know what kind of ideas you have for it.

Play Here


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