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So after this game I’ve thought about things that I don’t like and some things that I wish I would’ve done differently.

So first thing colors.  I don’t know why its not working but the way I got it working after walking away for 5 minutes was to change the sprite instead of the color.  This works.  If you know why the color changing wasn’t working please feel free to comment.

Another thing.  The using the UI instead of sprites.  This is a difficult thing.  I still don’t know what the right way to go is.  Using sprites would make the mouse touch easier but making the text much harder.  I was also not aware of the 3d text object.  If I was I might’ve used that.  But using it for the last 5 minutes seems like the text is blurry.  Maybe some more time I will find a way to do it.

The main thing that bothers me about using the UI is it doesn’t scale well.  I am using a magic -15 to determine the location of the box for the image.  And scaling is hard.  I’ve spent 15 minutes and I can’t get the stretch property to work correctly.  I could go about setting a scale factor and changing the scale for each object.  I’ll have to try that.

The scoring is also pretty lame.  I should’ve used the number of letters instead of a word.  This correctly values longer words.  I should’ve added the score the word.

Also there is no check if the word is already been found.  So you can add as many words as you want.

Now I’m just rambling.  Till next time.


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