Another two player game.  This is obviously really hard to do in an hour.  Not really sure how good this one is.  I think it might work but it could also be terrible.  Let me know what you think.   Play Here

AGH S02E00 Dots

So sorry I let this fall apart.  Disappointed in myself really.  Anyway.  Season 2 is here people.  Wasn’t quite sure if this was going to turn out so I didn’t stream it but I figured I should post it. I downloaded this game called Okay? on android for my inspiration this week. The idea is that […]

BeeStung AGHE11

This one turned out pretty good I think.  Even had extra time this week. Play Here

AGHE10 failure

Man such a good idea but such a bad implementation.  TOO AMBITIOUS and I’m tired and hungry.  Oh Well. The idea was going to be like threes with an rpg element.  Where enemies rolled in on the side and if you hit them head first it would kill them and if it was on the […]

AGHE08 Better than SMOVE

Made a game where you are a blue square being attacked by red squares.  Its a lot like SMOVE but only one level and you use the keyboard to move. Play here


So this week I decided to make a crossword type game.  I thought it was very ambitious and it was.  For the first time I took an hour and a half to make this game and it is still missing key pieces.  Like letters have to be right next to it and the fucking colors […]