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Another two player game.  This is obviously really hard to do in an hour.  Not really sure how good this one is.  I think it might work but it could also be terrible.  Let me know what you think.



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So sorry I let this fall apart.  Disappointed in myself really.  Anyway.  Season 2 is here people.  Wasn’t quite sure if this was going to turn out so I didn’t stream it but I figured I should post it.

I downloaded this game called Okay? on android for my inspiration this week.

The idea is that you shoot a ball by clicking and dragging and try to clear the board of things to collect.  Pretty simple concept and actually came together in an hour.  However only 3 levels were made.

AGE02E00 AGE02E00-2


So levels are tough to do in an hour.  Next time it would be worth it to just come up with something a little different.  So far this game takes about 30 seconds to beat.

Might play around with it a bit and see if more levels are fun. Let me know what kind of ideas you have for it.

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This one turned out pretty well.  Took an extra 15 minutes to figure out enemy AI.  Stupid menu took me too long.  I need to really make a stock project or stock way to do those.  Its boring and I hate doing it.



Fire1 to fire sword aka ctrl or click.

Axis to move

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Man such a good idea but such a bad implementation.  TOO AMBITIOUS and I’m tired and hungry.  Oh Well.

The idea was going to be like threes with an rpg element.  Where enemies rolled in on the side and if you hit them head first it would kill them and if it was on the side you would get hurt.

I think the idea might work but after this I’m not sure it will.  You will get overwhelmed quickly. Maybe at some ff8 card game mechanics it could work.  Also seeing exactly where the enemies would come out is a must which I didn’t have time for or actually getting it to work.


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So while writing the last post mortem I felt really compelled to fix the problems.  So I did.

Colors are fixed
Random characters
Real Dictionary
Fixed score
Fixed scaling

Colors were fixed by using sprites as suggested in my last post.

Random characters were possible by adding a dictionary that gets loaded at run time.  I made sure that there were 5 vowels because it gets really boring if there is less.  I think there still is problem.  Maybe there should be some max for certain characters.  When you get 6 ‘x’s it sucks.

Fixed score by scoring by letters instead of words.  Also not allowing words that were already added.  Maybe some sort of exponential might even help more here but for now this is fine.

Fixed scaling.  This one took me forever.  But I found out in the canvas there is a scale with screen button so that is awesome.  I’m going to use that alot now.  And then finding the position of the button.  That took a little bit but the position is located here image.rectTransform.position.  I just didn’t have time play around with it during the initial show.

I think this might be it for this one.  So many of these and this has no new gameplay but I am curious as to see if this works on Android…

Play the new version here

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So after this game I’ve thought about things that I don’t like and some things that I wish I would’ve done differently.

So first thing colors.  I don’t know why its not working but the way I got it working after walking away for 5 minutes was to change the sprite instead of the color.  This works.  If you know why the color changing wasn’t working please feel free to comment.

Another thing.  The using the UI instead of sprites.  This is a difficult thing.  I still don’t know what the right way to go is.  Using sprites would make the mouse touch easier but making the text much harder.  I was also not aware of the 3d text object.  If I was I might’ve used that.  But using it for the last 5 minutes seems like the text is blurry.  Maybe some more time I will find a way to do it.

The main thing that bothers me about using the UI is it doesn’t scale well.  I am using a magic -15 to determine the location of the box for the image.  And scaling is hard.  I’ve spent 15 minutes and I can’t get the stretch property to work correctly.  I could go about setting a scale factor and changing the scale for each object.  I’ll have to try that.

The scoring is also pretty lame.  I should’ve used the number of letters instead of a word.  This correctly values longer words.  I should’ve added the score the word.

Also there is no check if the word is already been found.  So you can add as many words as you want.

Now I’m just rambling.  Till next time.